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Don't Break My Branches.


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—Helloooo! My name is Brendan and I hail from New Hampshire, USA. I sing and play multiple instruments and I’m currently double-majoring with photography and graphic design ^.^

Brendan’s 21, and pretty interesting.  Most of his pictures aren’t as sexy as this one.  but they do show off a lot of his other interests.  His blog is mainly art stuff with a little porn, a lot of ironic stuff and emObama.

Faces! fans know I don’t do guys faces well, but Brendan’s is pretty easy, cuz of that hair, dense and dark, and the beard that looks like it comes in overnight.  Plus his chest looks like he’d had a Brazillan, leaving the longest clavicles I have ever seen.  Girls, look at the triangle between Brendan’s neck, his muscular neck, his shoulders, and those collarbones.  Now imagine &%##*^@((@ I really can’t do this any more, but you know what I mean.

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omgzz I seriously have no chest hair just saying

i made one 4 u2

omg beth this is the single gr8est thing in all of everything omgg

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“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”

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