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Don't Break My Branches.


View from my campground

Manchester is the swill of the earth, came home from getting breakfast and my spot was taken because all of central high parks on my street, park for 20 mins on my own street and get a ticket smh

Dearest Brendan, that comedy gold snapchat of yours needs to please have a sequel. And fast.

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hmmm it’s been quite a while hasn’t it

Time for my well deserved day #yeayea


F*** Wat Da Dinky Said (at america)

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Capcom Figure Builder Palicoes Volume 3

Lagiacrus Cat, Zamtrios Cat, Arzuros Cat, Seltas Cat, Tetsucabra Cat, and Alloy Cat.

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Zacharias Heyns. Emblemata. 1625.

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(bro voice) i don’t shower because girls do that. i dont use deodorant because the men didnt have time to smell good while hunting, while the women gathered berries and deodorant

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